Monday 19 March 2018

Twitter and sport – a match made in fan heaven

Edelman attended this morning’s #TwitterBrekky hosted by @SportsGeek, where the local Twitter team talked through some key milestones in the Twitter world of sports (with the added bonus of George Calombaris, Wil Anderson and Charlie Pickering talking at the end). …

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Olympics - TweetLevel Image

Diver Matthew Mitcham is the most influential Australian Olympian on Twitter

Diver Matthew Mitcham wins an early Gold ahead of his 11th August heat date, as the most influential Australian Olympian on Twitter with a score of 83.8,

A transformed media environment

A Transformed Media Environment

With the continual growth of social media channels and the ease at which people can access and disseminate information, it is not only the media

Gasp Online Mentions Over Time

Four Lessons Learned from the ‘Gasp’ Customer Service Gaffe

Melburnians along with the rest of the country waking up this morning couldn’t help but notice the uproar against the clothing shop Gasp based in Chapel Street,

Shoes of Prey team

Preying on women

Last night, two of my colleagues and I braved Sydney’s cold snap and headed down to the Social Media Women’s June event. This month’s guest speaker was Jodie

TYoung-PR Warrior Oz post

How a Real-Time Facebook Promotion – Borne Out of Frustration – Ends Up in ‘The Oz’ Newspaper

Melbourne entrepreneur Scott Kilmartin was frustrated on Thursday last week. The owner/operator of cool recycled products brand Haul was fired up after Westpac's electronic payment system (including


How social networking has evolved and why we need to mix it up

You can breathe a sigh of relief. This is not just another social media blog about the reasons why social networking is important. If you’re reading this then

Twitter Turns 5

As Twitter turned 5 – I celebrated with five reasons why I decided to join the phenomenon…

Twitter celebrated both its fifth birthday on March 21 and 500,000 new users daily, – not bad for a five year old. I’m now one of

A Riff on the Future of the Media

A Riff on the Future of the Media

Last week Edelman Melbourne brought together a panel of experts

3 New Music Campaigns With Lots Of Fans

3 New Music Campaigns With Lots Of Fans

Musicians were one of the first to look at non-traditional communication channels and really drill down into creating great engaging