Monday 23 April 2018


Towards An Engaged Public

  “A passive and ignorant citizenry will never create a sustainable world.” - Andrew Gaines (Creativity trainer, sustainability philosopher) In a former (American) life I worked for the Transport Commissioner of Portland, Oregon. Portland, like most municipalities in America is haemorrhaging money …

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Gasp Online Mentions Over Time

Four Lessons Learned from the ‘Gasp’ Customer Service Gaffe

Melburnians along with the rest of the country waking up this morning couldn’t help but notice the uproar against the clothing shop Gasp based in Chapel Street,

TYoung-PR Warrior Oz post

How a Real-Time Facebook Promotion – Borne Out of Frustration – Ends Up in ‘The Oz’ Newspaper

Melbourne entrepreneur Scott Kilmartin was frustrated on Thursday last week. The owner/operator of cool recycled products brand Haul was fired up after Westpac's electronic payment system (including

David Park and Trevor Young

This is not an ad for a Senior Account Executive

We’ve kept it pretty quiet, but Edelman Australia has had a thriving Melbourne office for close on nine years now. Of course, if you already knew that then

A Riff on the Future of the Media

A Riff on the Future of the Media

Last week Edelman Melbourne brought together a panel of experts

Image by Guilherme Jofili

The Future is NOW: where to for the media?

[caption id="attachment_395" align="aligncenter" width="401" caption="Image by Guilherme Jofili"][/caption] RIFF :// A clever or inventive commentary or remark; a really cool must-attend event Tomorrow night (March 8th) the Edelman



This is probably the coolest thing