Friday 19 January 2018


People First: Understanding Personas

Personas are a great way to help understand your audience and are important for developing better marketing campaigns. They help create an in-depth understanding of consumers, which leads to more effective campaigns, more relevant content and more consumer-centric experiences. However, …

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Digital Dice: The Evolution of SXSW

A mouth-watering app from Oscar Mayer, a dive into the evolution of SXSW and some of the latest digital news of the week.

Wake Up and Smell the


Friday5: Five Ways to Inspire Action

The world is full of armchair advocates. We all know them. They’re the ones who click “Like” on your Facebook page, sign up for your email list or


Friday5: Why Create Real-Time Content?

By now, we know that real-time content is not only important for a brand looking to join a social conversation or trend, but also imperative for successful storytelling.


Three Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Build Your Technology Brand

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Recently, Twitter chats – also called tweet chats and Twitter parties – have grown in popularity. They enable engagement in

Digital Dice: Surfing the Snapchat Wave

Surfing organization rides the Snapchat wave, the six types of Twitter conversation and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Surfing Organization Rides the Snapchat

Friday5: Is Your Competitor Using Paid?

It’s well-known that social media for brands—especially on Facebook—is now a pay-to-play platform. Only a small percentage of fans on Facebook will see a brand’s great content without

Digital Dice: “Look Back” Video Shares

Enjoy the post-holiday weekend edition of Digital Dice!

Facebook ‘Look Back’ Videos Shared Almost 100 Million Times

To celebrate Facebook’s 10 year anniversary, millions of users downloaded a

Friday5: Ways to Improve Brainstorm Sessions

Across our network, Edelman’s employees engage in brainstorm sessions in order to generate and perfect ideas that come to fruition as activations. These ideas also express to our

What Do Doors Have To Do With UX?

By the time we can talk, people have an intuitive understanding of how to interact with an object based on how it looks and feels. This is called affordance.