Monday 25 May 2015

Digital Dice: Trust in Online Advertising

A recent study on trust in online advertising, live ads fueled by social submissions and more of the latest digital news this week. Nielsen Study: Trust in Online Advertising Increasing This week, Nielsen came out with their 2013 Trust in …

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Digital Dice: LinkedIn’s Bet on Content Marketing

Check out a multi-platform campaign designed to bring people together over food, travel back in time to visit the history of mobile marketing and a handful of other

Friday Five: Using Twitter Chats for Corporate Influencer Engagement

Corporate brands often find the greatest digital value in engaging with influencers. While CPG brands directly engage with consumers online to ultimately increase sales and brand affinity, the

Friday Five: Ways To Get People To Open Your Emails

Rumors about the death of the email come and go, but one thing is clear: it’s alive and kicking.

The 2012 Obama campaign set new standards for email communications

A Day in the Life: Charles, Search Specialist, Singapore

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Name: Charles Neo

What is your title? Search specialist, Edelman Digital, Singapore.

How many people are in your office? There are roughly

Digital Dice: No-App Promotions

Facebook removes app requirement for promotions and Toaster Strudel personalizes pastries via Twitter.

Facebook Removes App Requirement for Promotions

Facebook has updated its terms in order to make

Friday Five: 5 Creative Calls to Action

Here’s a riddle for you: what has two legs, two arms and vocal chords? Your audience! That’s right, the audiences who follow you, retweet you, pin you…they’re real

Digital Dice: Vine Hits 40 Million

Google mobile app analytics become more flexible and Vine hits 40 million users. Read about some of the latest updates in the social space ahead of the weekend.

A Short Story About Long-Form Content

Brands must learn to master the art of short-form storytelling.  Technology today enables it; and consumer attention spans or lack thereof, demand it. Whether if be a 15

Friday Five: Ways to Obtain Rich User-Generated Content

Friday Five: Ways to Obtain Rich User-Generated Content

Every person on the Internet has an opinion – and almost every one of them could be convinced to share it. Finding an opportunity to collect and amplify