Saturday 04 July 2015

Friday Five: Let’s Hack Public Relations

This Sunday, I have the great privilege of delivering a talk at the PRSA International Conference that reflects both a personal and professional passion of mine. It is entitled “Hacking Public Relations: How Understanding and Embracing Open-Source and Hacker Culture …

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Instagram Announces Advertising Product Details

As you may have read, Instagram released details on their advertising product earlier this afternoon. In their blog post, Instagram shares that the ad product will be

Digital Dice: Creative & Social

A study shows Facebook ads increase impressions by a whopping 200 percent, a creative social campaign from Netflix and more of the most recent digital updates of the

Friday Five: Lessons From the Creative Newsroom

This week, Edelman Chicago launched its Creative Newsroom, just in time for Chicago Ideas Week, an annual gathering of thought leaders designed to provoke new ideas

Friday Five: Free Research Tools for Strategists

The most crucial piece of any strategy is first to understand the brand’s audience. Skipping that first step is the easiest—yet most avoidable—way that engagement will fall flat

Why Ideas Are Needed to Survive

I love change.

And that’s a good thing given the digital, always-on world in which we live.

Things change because someone sees a problem or opportunity that others have yet

Digital Dice: Instagram Explores Ads

A Halloween campaign that will make you scream, Instagram explores ads and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Fandango Seeks Ultimate Screams on Social Media

Friday Five: Mobile Trends in Emerging Markets: Ghana

Recently, I returned from a month-long research seminar in Ghana where I collected data for a field study on a mobile market information system serving the agricultural industry

Friday Five: Excel Formulas for Social Media Content Management

Some may find Excel formulas to be intimidating, but I’m here to tell you just how much they can make your life easier. Here are five easy-to-use Excel

FDA Mobile App Guidelines and Mobile Health Evolution

Remember the last time you “had a hunch” that your child had an ear infection, but you took her to the pediatrician anyway for a diagnosis, just to