Wednesday 20 August 2014

Friday Five: Considerations for a Branded Instagram Contest

As Instagram has far surpassed its 100-million-active-user milestone, and with more than 67 percent of the top brands having an active presence on the photo-sharing platform, the likelihood of a brand campaign or contest being hosted on it has almost …

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The Millennial Generation Demands a New Era in Television

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For television networks, trying to attract a Millennial audience is not a surprising move. The Millennial generation, defined as those

A Day in the Life: Kyle, SAE, Measurement & Analytics

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Name: Kyle Brown

What is your title/practice? Senior Account Executive – Measurement Analytics

How many people are in your office? Around

Digital Dice: Rock n’ Social

A rockin’ interactive social experience, YouTube launching a paid subscription plan and more of the latest social updates of the week. Enjoy this edition of Digital Dice!


Friday Five: How Social Media is Transforming International Relations and Business

Why It Matters by Tim Lau

The rise of social media across the globe has increased the complexity of an already rapidly evolving communications landscape. This complexity

Retuning Your Brand Strategy for the Consumer’s Ear

Social media engagement is no longer simply about picking the right words to fit 140 characters. Engagement comes down to selecting the necessary elements that will not only

Weibo and the China Dream

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China’s 12th National People’s Congress (NPC) officially came to a close on March 17th, marking the end of a

A Day in the Life: Andrew, Senior Digital Account Manager, Toronto

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Name: Andrew F. Stewart            

What is your title? Senior digital account manager, Consumer Marketing

Digital Dice: Instagram Tagging and eCommerce Pinning

Entertainment shows changing how viewers experience television, a creative hunger-induced campaign from Snickers and a collection of other social news and tips. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice and

Friday Five: Tips for Your Facebook Converged Media Strategy

Why It Matters, By Matt Stontz

As social networks and online publications have evolved, they’ve strived to find a balance that weighs effective ad formats with presenting