Monday 23 October 2017

Digital Dice: Instagram Payments and a Location Deal

Pinterest’s mobile site redesign, an interesting look into Facebook use by gender and more of the latest digital updates of the week. 75% of Pinterest Traffic Comes from Apps, Triggers Mobile Site Redesign Pinterest has announced a “complete rewrite and …

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Digital Dice: Paper and Chatter and Twitter’s Data Turf

Twitter improves mobile photo editing options, Pinterest introduces a new Interests feature and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Twitter Improves Their Mobile App’s

Friday5: Top 5 Podcasts for PR Professionals

PR professionals, especially those in a metropolitan area, spend much of their day in transit. In addition to the daily commute, we are often called upon to travel

5 Tips for Creating Social Content That Stands Out

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I’m not going to start this post by listing out how many tweets, Facebook messages, YouTube videos, etc are transmitted

Friday5: 5 Reasons to Keep an Eye on Jelly in 2014

Earlier this month a new app was launched called Jelly, a sort of lovechild between Snapchat and Quora. Jelly is an image-based QA app that crowdsources answers

Digital Dice: Pinterest GIFs and Twitter Card Analytics

Twitter launches card analytics, Pinterest experiments with GIFs and more of the latest social news of the week.

Twitter Launches Card Analytics to Let Publishers Monitor Impressions,

Digital Dice: Twitter Ad Targeting

Twitter’s recent updates in ad targeting, Tumblr’s new @Mention notifications and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Twitter is Catching Up to Facebook in

Friday5: Leveraging Social Media to Participate in Nationwide Events

With the wide reach of social media, it is rare that any event is isolated to one area. National Plug In Day 2013 (NPID), for example, took

Showing Up Differently: Edelman Digital in Canada

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Last week, Edelman issued a bold statement with Show Up Differently. We did so not only as a branding campaign,

Digital Dice: Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Print Ad Tweets

Facebook to eliminate Sponsored Stories, a unique advertisement from CBS Films and more of the latest social media news.

Facebook Set to Eliminate Sponsored Stories in April