Thursday 31 July 2014

Journey of a Thousand Pins: Pinterest Releases Place Pins

An explorer at heart understands that an adventure can occur 10,000 miles away or in your own backyard. Before any adventure begins, a balance of tactical planning with a dose of inspiration is the first step. Yesterday’s launch of Pinterest’s …

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Twitter Adds Custom Timelines

On the heels of its IPO, Twitter unveiled Custom Timelines, giving users more flexibility to collect and organize noteworthy and relevant tweets around topics, events, interests and

Friday5: Global Viral Perspectives

Friday5: Global Viral Perspectives

“Viral” is the buzzword companies often want to hear, especially when it involves their content. We all know what it means to “go viral,” but why might something

Financial Advisors Can Build Trust, One Tweet at a Time

As we recount the economic paralysis that ensued five years ago this fall, the financial services industry continues to absorb reputational damage stemming from the crisis and its

Friday5: Embracing the Change in User Behavior

Last week, the Seattle Interactive Conference brought in an array of technology experts, brands and creative types to share their thoughts on the evolving digital landscape.

Digital Dice: Halloween Campaigns

Digital campaigns get spooky, YouTube hosts their first ever music awards ceremony, Facebook continues to see mobile user growth and more of the latest digital news updates of

Using Social Media to Respond to Product Recalls

Look at any Facebook wall or Twitter feed and it’s likely you will see at least one post about a bad product experience, or worse, a mention of

Friday Five: “Terkel 2.0”: Fascinating Glimpses Into Workaday Lives via Reddit’s AMA

In his groundbreaking book Working (later made into a musical), author and broadcaster Studs Terkel captured the first-person perspectives of dozens of working Americans. The

Digital Dice: Mobile Perspectives and Social Buzz

The World Series social buzz, an interesting mobile campaign encourages fans to change their social perspectives and more of the latest digital news of the week.


Friday Five: Let’s Hack Public Relations

This Sunday, I have the great privilege of delivering a talk at the PRSA International Conference that reflects both a personal and professional passion of mine. It