Wednesday 16 April 2014

A New Type of “Being Connected”

This post was originally published on For many of us, summer is in full swing. Summer often represents light, relaxation and some time off. Yet today, it’s not always as easy to let go. Regardless of season, we seem …

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Digital Dice: Simplifying the eCommerce Experience

Facebook rolls out embedded posts, Pinterest simplifies the e-commerce experience and other digital updates to enjoy before your weekend.

Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts

On Wednesday, Facebook introduced the

Friday Five: The Science Behind Visual Storytelling

Friday Five: The Science Behind Visual Storytelling

We know visual storytelling is important but do we understand why? Aside from our ever-diminishing attention spans, the human brain processes images and color in specific ways. You

Internal Social Networking – Five Rules of the Road

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There is one question that consistently floats to the top of my conversations with organizations looking to develop or enhance

Digital Dice: Twitter-Based TV Ads

Twitter’s latest TV ad tool, a Facebook study on the top 100 brands and more updates in the digital space to enjoy ahead of the weekend.

Twitter Expands

Friday Five: Influencer Relationship Imperatives

Influencer programs continue to be of high interest across all practices, especially within Edelman’s consumer digital team. Forming a network of influencers is the recipe for building an

The Process of Transforming Your Brand to a Media Company

This is a slightly altered excerpt from my upcoming book, Your Brand: The Next Media Company, which is now available for preorder on

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Friday Five: How Community Management Is Like Brewing

Community managers are the brewmasters of creative social content ideation. Through real-time tactical decision-making, their role helps shape a brand’s reputation and keeps the community thirsty for information

Digital Dice: Pinterest Tops 70 Million

Pinterest tops 70 million users, targeted ads on Foursquare and more of the latest social updates of the week.

Pinterest Tops 70 Million Users; 30% Pinned, Repinned, or

A Day in the Life: Steve, SVP Digital, Vancouver

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Name: Steve Park

What is your title? SVP DigitalVancouver

How many people are in your office? 55

What does your