Tuesday 05 May 2015

Friday5: Tips for Building a Fatigue-Free Content Strategy

My first days as a community manager seemed simple. I was excited by the ostensibly endless sources of new content. Each morning I was a woman on a mission, clicking around the web and hot on the trails for engaging …

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Pinterest Promoted Pins: What You Need To Know

Pinterest announced that they will be rolling out promoted pins with a select group of partners, including Kraft and GAP.  Pinterest ads have certainly been one of

Digital Dice: The Rise of Sadvertising and New Facebook Video Analytics

The rise of sadvertising, Facebook’s new video analytics offering and more of the latest digital news of the week.

The Rise of Sadvertising: Why Brands Are Determined to

Friday5: Digital Marketing from East to West

As one of Edelman’s Global Fellows from Vietnam, now working in the Chicago office, I have a chance to see how the different cultures of Eastern and

Foursquare to spin off new app Swarm

There’s been a lot of buzz from the Foursquare hive as they recently announced plans to unbundle the location-based service into two separate mobile apps – one that

Marketing Trends in Chicago and São Paulo

This post was originally published on Edelman.com.

As I prepare for my move to São Paulo, I have been researching the changing landscape of the Brazilian digital

Friday5: Vine’s New Messaging Feature

Vine’s recent update saw the introduction of video messaging as a key feature. Media commentators naturally drew comparisons with Instagram Direct, which allows Instagram users to privately

How to Learn Enough Code to be Dangerous

When I was little, I wanted to build computers. After my first encounter with calculus in high school, I quickly realized that I might need to explore other options

Friday5: Our First Social Networks

Social networks today are ingrained in almost everything we do. They live in our pockets on smartphones, and we live a “digital life.” But before there was Facebook,

Pinterest Breaks New Ground with Guided Search

Pinterest Breaks New Ground with Guided Search

As many long time Pinterest users know, search capabilities on Pinterest have been an area of interest and question, and Pinterest is taking their first major leap into