Friday 19 January 2018

Consumers Want To Be Involved – Let Them In!

This post was originally published on In the past, companies held the keys to all the doors of communications, leaving the consumers only with the hope that someone would answer their knocks. With the emergence of web 2.0 and …

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Podcasting the Wide Net

Once hailed as a revolutionary medium which was primed to sweep away traditional radio, podcasting has found a unique niche within the web. Neither expanding nor declining massively

Friday Five: Reasons to Look Beyond Advertising Value Equivalency

Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVEs) have been used across the communications industry for decades. Simply put, an AVE is the cost of buying space taken up by a piece

Pinterest, Now Rich with Pinformation

Pinterest has always been defined in a visual manner, but Pinterest recently took the next step of making specific pins even richer with information.  Appropriately titled as “rich

Five Tips for Generating Insights in Your Online Community

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At its most basic level, an online community is an invitation-only, private-access website for conducting research with a carefully selected target

Responsive Marketing

This post was originally published on David Armano’s blog Logic + Emotion.

In the beginning, there were products and services, and some were good. Fewer became trusted

Digital Dice: Vine Campaigns and Shoppable Videos

A hands-on Vine campaign, a new mobile app enabling real-time concert downloads and the latest updates from Google. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice and have a great weekend!

Friday Five: Considerations for a Branded Instagram Contest

As Instagram has far surpassed its 100-million-active-user milestone, and with more than 67 percent of the top brands having an active presence on the photo-sharing platform,

The Millennial Generation Demands a New Era in Television

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For television networks, trying to attract a Millennial audience is not a surprising move. The Millennial generation, defined as those

A Day in the Life: Kyle, SAE, Measurement & Analytics

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Name: Kyle Brown

What is your title/practice? Senior Account Executive – Measurement Analytics

How many people are in your office? Around