Monday 23 April 2018

Tumblr Introduces New Privacy Feature

Tumblr Now Lets You Hide Your Blog from the Internet

This week, Tumblr introduced a new privacy feature that will allow users to keep their posts from being seen by the internet. Content can only be viewed on and in its native mobile apps and will drive additional users to the site, making delivering targeted advertising easier.

Facebook Redesigns Mobile Profiles

With 4 billion views a day, Facebook profiles continue to be a popular piece of the platform. Now, mobile profiles are facing a redesign that will showcase more of what friends want to see versus what you want to share. Facebook is also testing “profile videos,” temporary profile photos and more to offer new opportunities for self-expression.

YouTube’s Most Native Ad Yet Puts Shoppable Cards into Organic Videos

YouTube has introduced another “native” ad, this time within the actual video. Beginning this fall, videos that highlight a product will now feature Shopping Ads that users can click through to learn more about the product and eventually buy it. Advertisers will be charged per click on the cards, and the platform will not profit from product purchases.

Twitter Reportedly Considering Axing Its 140-Character Limit

Twitter is reportedly building out a new product that allows users to share more than 140 characters in their posts. It is unclear whether or not the new update will take place within Twitter or on a completely separate channel, but the demand for more content has been clear with the popularity of OneShot, the screenshot mobile app.

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