Tuesday 20 February 2018

Facebook Adds Support for 360-degree Videos

Facebook Adds Support for 360-degree Videos

This week, Facebook announced that it will begin adding 360-degree videos into its news feed. This type of content enables users to interact with the video and see everything that is going on around them within a 360-degree radius. The videos will be available on the web and Android apps first, with roll outs to iOS apps at a later date.

Periscope Turns Screenshotting into a Social Experience

Periscope’s version of a “retweet” is operational. The updated app now allows viewers to post screenshots taken during a particular stream. The change was added in order to encourage users to share the streams that they are currently viewing in a more engaging manner. The previous practice of alerting followers involved a tweet with a brief description and a link to the Periscope stream. This update comes on the heels of the announcement that Periscope will soon launch an app for the new and improved Apple TV.

Life on Twitter Visualizes Your Last 1,000 Tweets

A new tool, Life on Twitter, visualizes how Twitter users navigate the platform, including who they talk to, favorite emoji, followers-following ratio, most popular days of the week to tweet and most popular tweets. The tool, available for free, compiles the info by evaluating the last 1,000 tweets posted by a user.

Do You Have a Pinterest Plan for the Holidays? Check out Pinterest’s New Infographic

The holidays are a big time for Pinterest, given that they have over 170M holiday decor pins. Nearly half of Pinterest users start pinning before Thanksgiving, so having a plan in place right now for holiday activities is crucial to maximizing the opportunity of the season. Pinterest claims that 87% of users have bought something because of Pinterest.

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