Tuesday 24 April 2018

Twitter Debuts Its Custom Emojis

Twitter’s Custom Emojis Make Their Debut as an Ad Unit With #ShareACoke

This week, Twitter introduced a custom emoji that functions as an ad unit via Coca-Cola. When users tweet #ShareACoke, an emoji featuring two glass Coke bottles clinking appears in their post. To date, Twitter only utilized custom emojis in real-time for special events, such as the upcoming Star Wars movie and the VMAs. Twitter is testing this campaign with metrics including engagement, sentiment adoption, and total reach and, will then determine its future as a widespread ad option for other brands.

Facebook to Begin Testing Dislike Button

The most-sought-after feature on Facebook may soon become a reality, as co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network will soon begin testing a dislike button. Unlike on Reddit or YouTube, Facebook’s button will be meant to express empathy for a loss or negative story.

Google and Twitter Team Up to Offer Their Own ‘Instant Articles’ — With a Twist

Google and Twitter are working together to help publishers show “instant articles” to people who use their services on mobile phones. In the near future, Twitter and Google users will see “instant articles” load easily in the UI without being directed off-site. This is similar to what Facebook did several months ago, but one large difference is that Google and Twitter will make it an open source project in hopes of adoption among other technology companies. The new articles will appear as “snapshots” of the original article, and will include the same ads that would have originally shown-up on the webpage, helping retain their value.

Virgin Atlantic Hid Its Latest Ad Inside LinkedIn’s Job Listings

In an interesting advertising strategy on LinkedIn, Virgin Atlantic created a job listing to promote their Premium Economy cabin. They challenged “Evolved Travelers” to submit a job application for a “Freelance Flyer” position. The application also called for a 1,500 word micro-essay explaining how a free US to London flight would help the applicant’s career or life.

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