Wednesday 25 April 2018

Instagram Opens Ads to All Brands

Instagram Makes Ads Available to Brands of All Sizes

Brands, both large and small, now have the freedom to run paid Instagram campaigns. The social network has made it easier for advertisers to target their messages more effectively and reach people based on their specific interests. With Instagram’s recent updates around landscape photos and videos, video ads and marquees, brands are now in a stronger position than ever before to utilize the platform in their marketing efforts.

Your Back-to-School Pinterest Checklist

Pinterest’s Business Blog posted a quick checklist for brands to ensure they have the most-developed Pinterest strategy going into the fall. Among other items, they recommend that businesses confirm their website with Pinterest so that they know who is pinning from their website. Additionally, Pinterest recommends adding detailed, compelling descriptions as pins are heavily influenced by the native SEO.

Reynolds Made a Clever Instagram That Feels Like an “Endless Table”

Reynolds created an interactive cookbook featuring eight dinner tables on Instagram, each of which is made up of 21 dishes. Every uploaded photo links to another Instagram account that lays out the individual ingredients in the dish, as well as a link back to the Reynolds website for the specific recipe.

Facebook Pages Become More Mobile-Friendly with New Action Buttons and Sections

This week, Facebook announced that it will be updating its Pages App offering to include enhanced call-to-action buttons, an improved layout and new sections geared towards mobile. Facebook is adding new sections onto Pages that admins can utilize to provide viewers with more information about their company and the products and services they offer. Specifically, one of these new pages will be a “Shop Page,” which will help companies showcase their products more prominently on the Facebook Pages app.

Facebook Now Lets Journalists Broadcast Live Video to Your News Feed

Journalists with verified profiles can join celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in leveraging Facebook’s live streaming app, Mentions. This app was previously only available to high-profile celebrities, but with events such as the 2016 presidential election heating up, the platform decided to loosen the reins on who is able to broadcast live clips.

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