Thursday 26 April 2018

Twitter Offers Promoted Tweets and Videos Beyond Platform

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Twitter to Offer Promoted Tweets, Videos Beyond Twitter

Marketers can run Promoted Tweets and Promoted Videos on other mobile apps outside of Twitter. Until now, this functionality was only for mobile app-install ads. With the recent update, promoted tweets and videos will appear via publisher apps such as Slack Radio, Words with Friends 2, The Voice, and Weather Plus.

Facebook Experiment Suggests It’s Going After Medium

Facebook is testing a refreshed design within its largely-ignored “Notes” section. Within the test, “notes” will look similar to blog posts, encouraging users and brands to utilize the platform for longer-form storytelling. At this time, the test does not include a sidebar with page suggestions or advertisements. It is currently being tested amongst a small group and Facebook has not announced plans for a complete rollout. With other recent updates such as Instant Articles, In-Feed Video Streaming and the Embeddable Player, Facebook continues to try and keep users within the Facebook platform.

How Facebook’s Autoplay Videos Are Ushering in a New Era of Silent Storytelling

Nicole Spector of Adweek discussed the impact Facebook is having on autoplay video ads. As described, marketers cannot simply continue to post the same video to multiple platforms, but rather tailor videos to the nuances of a platform’s video features, such as Facebook’s autoplay function. Specifically, videos will need to use hyper-targeting and should work to tell a compelling video visually before considering the autoplay.

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