Sunday 22 April 2018

Pinterest Releases New “Liftwords” System

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Pinterest’s New “Liftwords” System Sets it Apart From Other Social Platforms

Pinterest-marketing firm Ahology recently developed a “Liftwords” system that helps the platform perform “more like search than social media.” As users often consult Pinterest with shopping or usage queries, the content has a much longer shelf life than on networks like Facebook or Twitter, and keywords play an important role in content discovery. The new “Liftwords” system analyzes trending words and phrases by product or service and automatically suggests them to users writing pin descriptions.

Facebook’s New Video Ads Can Play in Any App

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it’s expanding its autoplay video ad format to third-party publishers that plug into its mobile ad network. Facebook will also offer slideshow-like carousel ads and dynamic product ads that target users based on online purchasing behaviors.

Chat Away: Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages

On Wednesday, Twitter removed its 140-character limit on the platforms direct message feature. Users can now send messages that are up to 10,000 characters in length, allowing for longer and more detailed messages.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Revealed as Most Popular Networks Among Millennial Teens

A recent study analyzing millennial teens revealed that the smartphone is ranked as the most important device among teens, and on it, they’re using Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook the most. 50 percent of teens ranked Facebook Messenger as the leader, followed by Instagram and Snapchat at 47 percent. This is important to note as brands expand their presence on these particular channels and target younger audiences.

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