Saturday 24 February 2018

Facebook Introduces Customer Service Features for Businesses

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Facebook Wants Your Complaints About Businesses

Facebook will soon launch a “Send Message” button directly into ads to bolster the platform as a space for customer service. Businesses can also deal with disgruntled customers via a personal chat, instead of on their main page where other fans can see the dialogue. Page admins can open up a new window, which will include a link to the customer’s comment for reference and deal with the complaint in private. Once the business responds, the customer’s original comment will display a note indicating that it was dealt with. Pages that respond to complaints within 5 minutes 90% of the time will have a “Very Responsive” badge on their page, indicating that they have a verified and effective customer service department.

Hootsuite Welcomes Instagram to Their Dashboard

First in class, and long awaited, Hootsuite announced this week that their platform will now include scheduling and publishing Instagram content. Users will begin seeing an option to add an Instagram account to their Hootsuite dashboard, allowing brands the ability to securely share Instagram accounts, create approval workflows and engage with Instagram audiences.

Taboola Signs 3-year Strategic Partnership with Gannett

This week, Taboola, a content syndication platform, signed a three-year exclusive strategic partnership with USA Today publisher Gannett. The partnership will allow web pages to be personalized so content served will align with the user’s consumption style. The unique partnership will ensure tailored content – even including content based off of consumption behaviors.

Twitter is Testing out a Breaking News Tab in its Mobile Apps

Twitter is rolling out a “news” tab that’ll appear in its iOS and Android apps. When users click the news tab, they’ll be presented with trending stories that appear to be curated from major news organizations like CBS News and The New York Times. Tapping on one of the stories brings a view that shows the beginning of a news story (with a link to tap for the full article) as well as top-related tweets.

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