Wednesday 25 April 2018

Instagram Self-Serve Ads Coming Soon

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Instagram Self-Serve Ads – Coming to a campaign near you!

After much conversation, Instagram has provided an updated timeline for their new self-service model Ad Platform. While the functionalities were announced weeks ago, Instagram has confirmed that the entire new platform will begin rollout sometime in August and will be fully available in 85 countries in mid-late September. The updated platform will function similarly to Facebook’s set-up, allowing for micro-targeting and smaller spends that had previously been unavailable. For brands already working with Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers, the functionality is currently available in their alpha and beta tests phases.

Facebook to Feature a Standalone Events App – Facebook Events

With 450 million active users to-date, Facebook Events has become one of the most popular features on the social network. Recently, Facebook began sending out alerts to notify users of their events coming up each day to test new features. Now, a standalone mobile app is in the works for Facebook Events to drive awareness of events going on that users have both RSVP’d to and even events they weren’t yet invited to.

Snapchat Drops Yahoo! and Warner Music from ‘Discover’ Tab

Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ tab hosts curated content from some of the world’s best publishers including Vice, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, and more. Earlier this week, Yahoo! and Warner Music were dropped from the ‘Discover’ tab and replaced with Buzzfeed and iHeartRadio. While Snapchat has not confirmed why Yahoo! and Warner Music were dropped, some believe it is because they haven’t driven a lot of advertising revenue for Snapchat. ‘Discover’ tab publishers are allowed to sell ad space on their channels with Snapchat taking an agreed upon cut of the revenue.

Best Practices: How to Break the Mold with Visual Storytelling

Jake Athey of Ad Age outlines the best ways to stand out with visual storytelling. Of note, user generated content – but on steroids – is recommended to really break the mold. The article uses examples like Questival and Tough Mudder as events that garner a large amount of user generated content in a short amount of time. Additionally, memes can be activated to tell incredible stories that pictures sometimes cannot, and a clear strategy/North Star is critical in visual storytelling efforts.

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