Wednesday 21 March 2018

Brands Will Soon Have Access to GoPro Videos

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Brands Are About to Find Out How Powerful GoPro Videos Can Be

GoPro will soon launch a new platform called GoPro Licensing, where brands and marketers will be privy to over 600 videos from amateur and professional videographers. Video prices begin at $1,000 and vary by distribution and specific usage.

Instagram Gets Its First Game, Inspired by the World of ‘Rick and Morty’

Adult Swim, in partnership with digital agency Carrot, have recently developed the first Instagram game to promote their show, Rick and Morty. The “Rickstaverse” acts like a hidden object game, with secret collectable goodies and Easter eggs hidden throughout each planet. This creative use of Instagram gives insight into the future of the platform; a place not only for passive absorption of content, but also a place where followers can be actively engaged through games like scavenger hunts.

Facebook Now Lets You Restrict Who Views Videos by Age and Gender

Earlier this week, Facebook released multiple updates aimed at expanding the platform’s video capabilities. The first update will allow video creators to restrict specific audiences from seeing videos, including age groups, gender, locations and languages. Additionally, Facebook rolled out “secret mode,” which limits video views to users with direct links.

Twitter Removes Background Wallpaper from User Homepages

You may have noticed that Twitter removed the custom wallpaper from the home and notification timelines for all users, replacing it with a plain grey background to give the platform a cleaner and more unified look. However, user wallpapers are still visible when logged in and viewing tweet pages, list pages and collections pages.

You Can Finally Search Instagram on Your Desktop

Instagram’s latest update allows users to search images via the app’s desktop interface. While it is primarily a mobile app, adding desktop search has been a goal of Instagram’s for some time. Cofounder Mike Krieger told WIRED that the company invested in computer vision and other image-friendly search capabilities earlier this year leading up to this update.

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