Monday 19 March 2018

Customers of Crimson Hexagon Can Now Access Tumblr Insights

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Crimson Hexagon Now Offers Access to Tumblr Firehose

Analytics provider Crimson Hexagon has joined Tumblr’s Preferred Data Partners program, and now offers customers access to insights on the platform’s full firehose of public activity. Customers will be able to track brand mentions and logos, measure conversation volume and analyze sentiment drivers on Yahoo’s network, thus making it easier to prove engagement, awareness and, ultimately, ROI through Tumblr. See the rest of Tumblr’s Preferred Data Partners here.

Best Practices: What is the Optimal Length for Video Content?

Mary Pederson of Ad Age offers insight into the perfect video length on social media. Determining the length of your video is less about the actual time and more about your goals. For instance, audiences on Twitter and Facebook have a higher tolerance for 30 to 45 second videos, while Vine and Instagram audiences expect media in the 15 second range. Additionally, title length should be kept top of mind. A formal title leads the viewer to expect a longer video, while an informal/punchy title implies a shorter, fun video.

Twitter is Auto-Expanding Link Previews

Links shared on Twitter now appear to be showing content previews automatically, similar to Facebook’s auto-populating preview. Although there is only evidence of certain Twitter users experiencing auto-expanded link previews, this enforces the assumption that Twitter will soon roll out link previews platform-wide.

Facebook Adds Buy Button to Help Reinvent Pages

More than a year after Facebook started testing its buy button in ads on the newsfeed, it appears that the company is now ready to take the service to the next level. Facebook recently started testing shops with ‘buy buttons’ inside of Facebook Pages, where users can browse for and purchase items.

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