Tuesday 20 February 2018

Twitter Improves Advertising for Mobile Apps

Twitter improves mobile app ads, Facebook updates cost-per-click definition and more digital news.

Twitter Adds Advertising Tools to Promote Mobile Apps

Twitter has announced new tools for its mobile application advertisers. These include video app cards that showcase apps before prompting users to install them, and a pay-per-download system.

Facebook Updates Its Cost-Per-Click Definition to Only Include Clicks to Website and Apps

This week, Facebook announced that cost-per-click (CPC) will now be defined by clicks to the website and clicks on apps, excluding likes, shares and comments from the measurement. This will particularly benefit marketers using paid media to better understand where their money is being spent when looking at CPC data, ultimately helping with campaign optimization.

Facebook’s Latest News Feed Change Lets You Pick Who You See First

Facebook is making the News Feed more personal, allowing users to prioritize who to see first, unfollow people, reconnect with people previously unfollowed, and discover new pages. The new preferences are available on Facebook’s iOS app with a desktop and Android update coming soon.

Instagram Photos Are Now Bigger and Better

Take a look and see what the very near future of Instagram looks like!

Send a Tweet to Coke’s Digital Billboard, and It’ll Tell You Fun Facts About Your Name

Blending social engagement with experiential tactics, Coca-Cola has launched a new billboard in Times Square that shares fun facts about the names of people who tweet to it. The display is powered by a microsite created by Coke and Google, and contains various facts about the 1,000 names the soda company printed on its cans and bottles over the summer. Just tweet the billboard with hashtag #Cokemyname to learn about your name.


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