Thursday 26 April 2018

Amp Up Your Instagram Engagement

Tips for amping up Instagram engagement, Pinterest’s new verified account update and more of the latest digital news.

5 Tips for Cranking Up the Comments on Instagram

In a recent blog post, Simply Measured released a few tips for maximizing the volume of quality Instagram comments. Of note, they recommend that the copy includes comparisons that are easy to react to (i.e. “left or right”, “blue or green”). Additionally, relatable content such as memes have proven to generate significant social buzz.

Lightning is Twitter’s Plan to Be ‘Event Central’ For Users and Non-Users Alike

In an effort to expand the reach of content without having to grow its user base, Twitter announced ‘Project Lightning.’ Lightning will focus on providing embeddable content (both across the web and within other apps) surrounding events like the Oscars or NBA Finals. The user experience and is designed to be immersive and media will consume the user’s entire screen. Timing for Lightning’s roll out is still to be determined.

Pinterest is Adding Verified Accounts and a Way to Narrow Your Search

Pinterest announced tweaks to its platform across all devices beginning Tuesday, 6/23. The updates will optimize user search efforts and help users find exactly what they’re looking for on the platform. Though the updates are minor, they will add significant user experience changes. The platform is also verifying high-profile pinners, which will be indicated with red check marks next to user’s names. Pinterest is working with select brands for verification and is not accepting applications for verification at this time.

Facebook Knows How Much Time You Spend Looking at Each Post

Facebook software engineers recently updated the News Feed ranking to include a new factor – how much time users spend viewing stories in their Feeds. This update came in response to survey results noting that folks still find stories meaningful despite a lack of engagement through likes, comments or shares. This update is another move by Facebook to maximize time spent on the social network.

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