Tuesday 24 April 2018

Twitter and Google Team Up and Pinterest Unveils First Video-Like Ad

Tweets are now searchable on Google, Pinterest announces new ad tools and pricing and more of the latest digital news.

Google Lets You Look for Tweets in Mobile Searches

Twitter and Google have teamed up in an update that will allow tweets to surface directly in a user’s Google search results. This means people will no longer need to go directly to Twitter to find specific tweets from a user’s account or trending hashtag, but will be able to see them directly on Google. The update should help Twitter reach a wider audience by placing tweets outside of its platform to attract new users. For now, the update will appear on both Android and Apple mobile device search browsers and Google apps.

Pinterest Unveils Its First Video-Like Ad and New Ad Pricing Models

On Tuesday, Pinterest rolled out new tools and pricing options for advertisers. The biggest update from the announcement is a new video-like promoted pin called a Cinematic Pin, which moves as the user scrolls down the page. The development came in response to user feedback and the successful engagement of video-based ads on other platforms. In addition, the platform will launch specific audience targeting and a new pricing model based on engagement.

Facebook No Longer Providing Device Level Data for Ads

Beginning this week, Facebook will halt device-level reporting for Facebook mobile app ads. The platform is focusing on people and who they reach rather than the various devices they view ads on. This will have the greatest effect on those who promote mobile apps via Facebook as they no longer will know which devices their ads reach.

YouTube Adds Click-to-Shop Button to TrueView Ads

YouTube is changing the look of its commercials to look like interactive infomercials. Interactive cards will allow retail advertisers to include product information, images and links to purchase a product on the brand’s site, making the path to purchase shorter. The Google-owned video service aims to show brands that it’s more than a profile page.

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