Thursday 26 April 2018

Facebook Introduces “Add A Link” Tool and LinkedIn Rolls Out New Analytics

Facebook pilots an in-app keyword search engine, LinkedIn offers new analytics for publishing and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Treads on Google’s Turf with ‘Add A Link’ Tool

Facebook started to pilot an in-app keyword search engine allowing users to find websites and articles directly from the platform. The new tool features a search bar for finding popular or trending links by keyword—giving users fewer reasons to leave the Facebook app and enriching Facebook’s user information database. The trial is currently only available to a select few in the U.S.

New Analytics for Publishing on LinkedIn: See Who’s Viewed Your Published Post

LinkedIn began rolling out complex analytics, allowing users to gain valuable insights on who is reading and engaging with their content. Users can now choose any past post within the last six months and analyze its performance summary including views, likes, comments, shares and see a list of specific individuals who engaged with their post. Further, the tool sheds light on user demographics including industry, job title and geography. As brands gain access, there is opportunity to leverage the tool for driving quality engagements, refining targeting and A/B testing.

Snapchat Tries to Jumpstart Discover by Letting You Send Clips to Friends

Since Snapchat’s launch of Discover in January, reports show that viewership is down 30 to 50 percent. Despite that, it seems Snapchat is not giving up on Discover. Last week, Snapchat rolled out an update that allows users to send clips from Discover to friends. Those Snaps will include a “Sent via Discover” banner that users can click to jump straight into Discover. Until now, Snapchat has focused on capturing and commenting on what’s going on in the world, but this new tool highlights its efforts to bring the same storytelling tools to digital content.

Facebook Gives Publishers New Tools to Customize Native Ads in Third-Party Apps

Facebook announced optimizations to their mobile units throughout their Audience Network. In this release, they’re introducing new templates to allow advertisers additional customization of mobile ads, including options to change font, height, background color and button borders. These updates are designed for optimal performance and better user experience.

Google+ is Launching Pinterest-Style Boards Called Collections

Early last week, Google+ introduced the newest feature to their platform, Collections. Similar to Pinterest, the feature will allow users to create boards that can include images, videos and more, helping users organize content into categorized collections. Users will be able to follow other users’ specific collections, allowing them to view the content they want most. Collections is available on the web and Android, with support for iOS coming soon.

New Data Shows U.S Users Spend Most Time in Instagram and Facebook

A recent report revealed that mobile users are spending the most time on Instagram and Facebook, as they move from desktop to mobile. For brands who use Instagram regularly, this news confirms that their content is not only being seen, but it’s being examined, engaged with and processed for the longest amount of time in comparison to other mobile apps. See the report in detail here.

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