Sunday 22 April 2018

Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm Again and Twitter Direct Messaging Now Available to All Users

Facebook released three more updates to its News Feed algorithm, Twitter’s direct messaging feature is now available to all users and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Tweaks News Feed to Show More Updates from Friends, Fewer Stories When Friends Like or Comment 

Early this week, Facebook announced three updates to the News Feed algorithm. The first update will further prioritize content (photos, videos, status updates and links) posted by a user’s Facebook friends. Another update will deprioritize posts that friends have engaged with, putting the most emphasis on posts that come directly from friends and pages that the user has liked. The last update will allow multiple posts from the same source to appear in a row, in an effort to keep Facebook interesting for those who don’t have a large network.

Twitter Direct Messaging Now Available to All Users

Twitter announced that all users now have the option to receive direct messages from other users. Originally, this capability was introduced to a small group of users in 2013. On Twitter’s “Security and Privacy” page, users have the option to adjust their settings to turn the direct message option on or off. This is an attempt by the platform to boost engagement, especially for brands on the channel.

Snapchat May Soon Let Users Unlock Photos If They’re Standing in Just the Right Location, According to Patent

According to a patent filed by Snapchat, users may soon be able to unlock photos and messages from friends based on their geolocations. Though this feature is by no means official, it suggests that Snapchat is thinking about how to tie location into its product even further, in alignment with its existing geo-based filters.

Vine’s New Share Screen Lets You Post to Multiple Social Networks at Once, Including Tumblr

Vine, Twitter’s six-second video application, now allows users to easily share videos between Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. The update enables users to quickly share their favorite videos across their social properties, spreading the net of popular Vine videos. The update is currently available on iOS and will be available on Android at a later date.

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