Monday 19 March 2018

Friday5: 5 Paid Media Tips

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Digital marketing is blurring the lines between owned, earned and paid. While this has limited brands’ ability to leverage the organic reach of content, it has also given brands the impetus to break silos and create multiple, yet specialized touch points with their highly fragmented target audiences.

Marketers are therefore testing tools and technologies to activate the right audience at the right time with the right content. This is where marketers turn to paid media techniques – an excellent way to break through the clutter on the Internet.

As we digital marketers experiment with the complexities of designing successful paid media strategies for brands, we thought it would be helpful to get advice from Chris Paul, Edelman’s global director of paid media.

1. Why is paid crucial to the success of a social media program?

Paid tactics offer the ability to target specific audiences by behavior, geography or a brand’s own audience insights. When we’re looking for increased accountability and efficiency, the paid media space has been focused on those goals for 15+ years.

2. What are the key considerations for a marketer while developing a paid media strategy?

It boils down to goals, audience and analytics. You must be crystal clear on your definition of success, you have to bring some fresh perspective on what matters to your audience and you must be able to connect your media success to your business success.

3. Do you agree that the lines are blurring between paid, owned and earned media? How can brands take advantage of this?

I completely agree. The results from Getting In-Feed Sponsored Content Right: The Consumer View confirmed that a consumer’s primary expectation from the media is good content, whether it comes from brands, publishers or people. More recently, the Online Publishers Association reported that 71 percent of readers have no objections to native advertising. Think like a publisher, if not like a peer, when you’re crafting your brand content and you’ll have a better chance of having your communications welcomed and shared.

4. How do we make paid effective?

At Edelman, we approach media from a storytelling perspective, using our paid dollars to amplify owned and earned assets that people choose to share, not just advertisements that they might see. We produce entertaining, informative, useful content and experiences that resonate with consumers and spur action.

5. Organic Social Content Still Important

As brands open up to paid media strategies, let us not forget, organic social content is still important for engaging and growing community. Successful paid amplification is a function of correct audience segmentation supported by real-time unique, creative and engaging content creation. It has the potential to improve the performance of good organic content but it cannot make up for poor content.

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