Sunday 22 April 2018

Facebooks Integrates with WhatsApp and Twitter Launches New Feature

Facebook begins integrating with WhatsApp, Twitter launches a new Retweet feature and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Begins Integrating WhatsApp

Following Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp last year, the platform has rolled out a new button on their Android mobile app, allowing users to share content directly to the WhatsApp platform. This button appears just to the right of the share button under status updates for select Android users, and is a move on Facebook’s part towards owning more of the mobile messaging scene.

Twitter Officially Launches Its “Retweet With Comment” Feature

Earlier this week, Twitter launched a feature that allows users to share an embedded tweet in a new post. The new feature will help users share and comment on tweets without having to shorten or change content, helping preserve the context of the original tweet. Embedded tweets do not interfere with Twitter’s 140-character limit. “Retweet with comment” is available for iPhone users and site visitors, with a planned Android update in the future.

Pinterest Makes Marketing Easier for Brands with Rich Pins

In addition to Pinterest’s Promoted Pins offering, the platform now offers advanced Rich Pins. Rich Pins contain detailed product information, ranging from real-time pricing to availability. They also contain locations for purchasing specific items. Brands including J. Crew, Target and Nordstrom are already taking advantage of the actionable details of these new Pins.

See the First Brands to Use Instagram’s Carousel Ads

As Instagram builds out their advertising platform to showcase longer stories, a few brands jumped right on board. See how brands like Old Navy, Showtime and Banana Republic are telling their stories with the new carousel ads.

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