Wednesday 25 April 2018

Brands Take Advantage of April Fools’ Day and Facebook Announces Analytics for Apps

Brands take full advantage of April Fools’ Day, Facebook adds in analytics for apps and more of the latest digital news.

April Fools’ Day 2015: Our Giant Roundup of the Best Brand Hoaxes

April Fools’ Day is one of the great advertising holidays when brands manage to be smart, relevant and amusing on their smallest budgets of the year. This year, Funny or Die wrangled 250 celebrities for their fake video streaming platform, Tough Mudder jokingly rolled out Baby Mudder, and more.

Facebook Announces Analytics for Apps

At their annual F8 conference, Facebook announced Analytics for Apps, a new tool for marketers who want to better target campaigns based on aggregated social data such as engagement, usage behavior and campaign performance. The tool’s web dashboard lets users see how apps are performing in regards to audience engagement and conversion rates. In a live demo, Facebook showed how marketers can see not only ad clicks, but how far different groups got through the sales process. By providing a native analytics app for free, Facebook is competing with the likes of Google and other paid measurement tools.

Facebook Embeddable Videos and Updated Comments

Last Wednesday, Facebook launched an embedded video player for all users. Facebook users can now embed videos uploaded on the social platform across the web. In addition to the new product, Facebook is rolling out an updated comment plugin. Users can now log in with their Facebook account and comment on a website, and the comment will be duplicated on the official Facebook-shared story. These recent updates provide users with additional opportunities to engage with Facebook outside of the platform.

Twitter Ads are Coming to Your Profile

As part of a new test, Twitter is bringing promoted tweets to profile pages. This means when you visit a friend’s profile, you may find a targeted Twitter ad just a few tweets into the user’s stream. For now, the ads only appear to users who are logged in, but Twitter has been working on a way to put ads in front of people who visit the service without actually opening an account.

Instagram Just Launched a New App to Let You Create Photo Collages

Instagram launched a new standalone application, “Layout from Instagram.” Layout lets users drag and drop multiple photos into eight different frameworks to easily create a collage. The app also allows users to flip and mirror images, take a series of quick succession photos and more. While Layout is complementary with Instagram, it doesn’t allow users to automatically upload images to Instagram or add filters to their creations. Layout is Instagram’s second standalone app, following the release of Hyperlapse last fall.

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