Thursday 26 April 2018

Facebook Ads Manager and Product Placement on Netflix

Facebook Ads Manager goes mobile, product placement tactics on Netflix and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Ads Manager App Now Available

Earlier this week, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Ads Manager, enabling advertisers to manage their ads from mobile devices. The app will allow users to create and edit ads, track results and monitor spend, and has built in alerts for ad budget expirations. Currently only available on iOS, the app is set to roll out to Android phones later this year.

Netflix Isn’t Closed to Advertisers After All

Netflix doesn’t run ads on its streaming video service, but product placement is a different matter. Brands can arrange to have their products appear in Netflix’s original series. Global brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev signed a deal to be the exclusive beer featured on “House of Cards,” which premieres today. The company is providing products as props for the show, and other large brands are rumored to have arranged product-placement deals in past episodes.

Twitter Finally Launches an Official WordPress Plug-In

This week, Twitter released an official plug-in to better incorporate WordPress on their platform. The new plug-in offers a one-click sharing button and allows customization of embedded tweets, among other features.

Introducing Twitter Ads Reporting from Simply Measured

Simply Measured has rolled out Twitter Ads Reporting. Advertising metrics have been available through the Twitter Analytics Dashboard, but now marketers can easy access key info right from Simply Measured’s user-friendly platform.

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