Tuesday 20 February 2018

Twitter’s Deal with Google and Looping Instagram Videos

Twitter reaches a deal with Google, Instagram rolls out endlessly looping videos and more of the latest digital news.

Twitter Reaches Deal to Show Tweets in Google Search Results

This week, Twitter reached a deal with Google to make tweets more searchable within the engine. Google users are expected to see Twitter content appearing in search results in real time over the next six months. The deal means more opportunities for Twitter to convert and engage users outside of the social platform, and will generate additional advertising opportunities since content will be seen by larger audiences.

Instagram Introduces Endlessly Looping Videos to Please Advertisers

Instagram has adjusted its video settings so that video clips automatically loop in the feeds of users. The update will be welcomed by brands keen to get their video ads in front of eyeballs and played as many times as possible.

A Faster Way for SMBs to Promote Tweets

Quick Promote, a new advertising option from Twitter, will encourage small and medium-sized businesses to promote and amplify their content directly from Twitter’s analytics dashboard. Twitter recommends promoting tweets that already have received high engagement, which will then intuitively be targeted to users with similar interests to those who have already engaged with the content.

YouTube Massively Improves Video with One Small Change

In a recent change, YouTube has dropped Flash as its default method of video delivery in favor of HTML5. Read on to find out why they made this change and learn how it benefits users.

Image credit: Kolby

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