Saturday 24 February 2018

Football Newsfeed on Facebook and a Discover feature for Snapchat

Football fans get their own newsfeed on Facebook, Snapchat features daily brand content and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Launches Football-Only Newsfeed

Facebook rolled out a Twitter-esque live feed of content only relating to the Super Bowl. The newsfeed will feature reactions from fans all over the country, as well as posts from your own friends and posts from the NFL, teams and players. Down the road this will likely be a hot spot for advertising, though no hints from Facebook on that front yet.

Snapchat Launches Discover

This past Tuesday, Snapchat launched Discover – a new feature where users can view daily content from brands and publishers like ESPN, CNN and more. According to Snapchat’s blog post, stories can feature works from artists, publishers and even Snapchat’s editorial staff. This is another step for the photo-sharing platform into the media and advertising realms.

Twitter Introduces Group Direct Messages and Native Video Sharing

The two latest features from Twitter include group direct messaging where you can opt to privately message a group of followers, and native video sharing and editing, which allows users the ability to capture, share and edit 30 second videos using the camera button directly in the app. Twitter is also working on additional product updates such as breaking news alerts and standalone apps to drive user growth and boost engagement.

Pinterest Ads Now Being Shown in Users’ Home Feeds

Early this week, Pinterest announced that users will start seeing promoted pins in their home feeds as brands now have the opportunity to promote content directly in this prime real estate. Previously, promoted pins were only shown to users in the search and category feed sections of the site.

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