Wednesday 21 March 2018

Facebook creates Super Bowl ad targeting and a new video-streaming platform rolls out

Facebook is targeting Super Bowl audiences, a potential YouTube competitor rolls out and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Packages Own Super Bowl Audience for Ad Dollars

This week, Facebook began tracking users’ status updates, comments and more for keywords related to the Super Bowl. These interactions will give valuable data to advertisers who can then create ads for segmented audiences including users planning on watching the Super Bowl and users going to a Super Bowl party.

Several Major Brands are Already Investing in YouTube’s Next Challenger

Vessel, a new competitor in the video-streaming business, opened its services to the public this week. To access video content, users can choose to pay a monthly fee or watch ad-supported videos. Creators on this platform are expected to earn more revenue than on YouTube, as a large part of ad and subscription revenue will be shared among them. Brands including Chevy, Jaguar and Dove have signed up as advertisers thus far.

The Pinterest Conundrum

A senior researcher at Forrester argues that Pinterest’s marketing value lies more in the future than in the present. By 2016, Pinterest’s ad offering could trump that of other social sites — but today, most brands struggle to successfully use it as a marketing tool. Do you agree?

Twitter Buys Indian Mobile Platform ZipDial, Hoping for User Boost in Developing Nations

Twitter recently acquired ZipDial, an Indian based mobile platform, in a move that could bring Twitter to billions of new people around the world. ZipDial’s current platform sends users messages directly via SMS, and is a widely used in India and developing nations. This acquisition will likely bring a helpful boost to Twitter’s advertising revenue, which has fluctuated over the last year.

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