Sunday 22 April 2018

Facebook rolls out News Feed updates and Instagram updates caption editing options

Facebook rolls out more options for its News Feed, captions become editable on Instagram and more of the latest digital news.

More Ways to Control What You See in Your News Feed

Facebook announced new user control options that make it easier to follow/unfollow brands and people that appear in News Feeds. This update allows for easier interaction with pages (even if they aren’t being followed) and will display a list of top people that have been seen in the News Feed each week. Read on to learn more.

Discovery and Caption Editing on Instagram

This week Instagram rolled out an update that allows users to change photo captions after they’re posted, instead of having to delete images and re-post them. The update also provides the ability to re-tag relevant Instagram accounts and edit hashtags in case the wrong usernames or hashtags were posted in the original caption. To make any edits to photo captions, push the “edit” option below your posted image.

The 4 Big Changes Twitter Is Making to Convince People to Keep Coming Back

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced a handful of updates that are focused on attracting and retaining new users. One of these is the “instant timeline” which will fill new users’ timelines with content so that they can easily find people to follow while learning how to use the platform.  Other updates include the resurfacing of popular messages new users may have missed, new and improved celebrity pages and more.

Men are Now Pinterest’s Fastest Growing Demographic

Following its advertising launch early this year, Pinterest is expanding its social audience. Reportedly, the platform’s male user base is growing at a faster rate and accounts for one-third of all sign-ups. Pinterest claims that more male users use the social network than read Sports Illustrated and GQ, and in growing markets such as India and Korea, the platform has a 50/50 male and female user split.

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