Saturday 24 February 2018

YouTube’s 60 Frames per Second Video Feature

YouTube’s 60 frames per second video feature, Snapchat’s recent update and more of the latest digital news.

YouTube Can Now Play Videos at 60 Frames per Second

After years of only being able to play videos at 30 frames per second, YouTube is raising the bar on playback standards with its new 60 FPS capability. This feature has been highly anticipated since June and is currently only compatible with certain browsers. EA Sports is one of the initial brands to release 60 FPS videos on YouTube.

Snapchat Is In Partnership Talks with Buzzfeed, Time, Others

Snapchat is taking another step in monetizing its popular photo-sharing platform. According to Digiday, Snapchat is working with media brands like ESPN, BuzzFeed, Spotify, CNN and more to launch a content section called Discover. Discover will provide users with news articles, music and videos created by large media brands. Sources say that the hosted stories will not have a time limit, but will still have a shelf life on the app to encourage ongoing traffic to the application.

Red Hot Labs Launches Toro to Make Mobile-ad Buying Easy on Facebook

In an effort to make it easier for mobile app and game developers to buy ads on Facebook, Red Hot Labs has announced their newest application, Toro. The app sets up targeting, split-tests the creative ads to figure out which are most effective, and optimizes between best-performing campaigns. Toro provides marketers with the data they need to make easier and smarter Facebook Mobile ad purchases.

Twitter Takes Another Teeny Tiny Step Toward Becoming Facebook

This week, Twitter debuted a tweak to its website design that many are calling another step in the “Facebookification” of Twitter.  The “Compose new Tweet” box, which formerly lived on the left rail, now lives at the top of the page right above the timeline and asks “What’s happening?”. This is just the latest example of social networks attempting to create one streamlined digital experience.

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