Thursday 26 April 2018

Friday5: Win the Moment with Twitter

Whether it’s live-tweeting during the big game or creating real-time images during an awards ceremony, companies are often curious about how to create winning real-time moments on Twitter. While some brands have had success participating in the moment, it continues to be a challenge to tackle real-time content and still help our clients achieve their goals. Recently, Stacy Minero, Twitter’s Head of Content Planning, gave us a few tips on how to help our clients win the moment.

1. Plan the predictable

There are a few things in life that are predictable: the subway will always be delayed when you are running late for a meeting, and it will definitely rain the one day you left your umbrella at home. Likewise, if you will be creating real-time content, or responding in real-time to fans, you know that you will need to be both quick and efficient in order to capitalize on the moment or you will lose relevance. Building visual templates in advance allows you to get it live and in the hands of fans more quickly and will create a coherent look and framework for your social content.

Additionally seek out fans, influencers, and conversations that may help your brand achieve its goals in advance of any activation: these people may already be creating content on your behalf and just don’t know it. Entering into the right conversations with fans can create “micro moments” for your brand outside of larger tent pole activations.

2. Create repeatable brilliance

Have you ever done something so spectacular that you even impressed yourself, only to never be able to recreate it again when asked? Like hitting that last high note in your favorite karaoke song when alone but sounding like a howling cat when surrounded by friends? It happens. So how do you make sure you can recreate that brilliance at all times? In content, it’s about finding what works with your audience, and making sure that you can continue to repeat that success over and over. For example, it can be creating a thematic content series or knowing what topics will always get a reaction from your audience. By creating repeatable serialized content that ladders up to your brand’s strategy you can train your audience to expect amazing, quality content, especially during these live moments.

3. Enhance experiences

Something I have been championing for a while, and recently started hearing from more people at Content Marketing Conferences this year, is that marketers are moving from a brand-centric to a consumer-centric approach to content and community: the brand is no longer the hero, it’s the audience. By thinking about our audience, we can give them the content they want, where they want it, in a way that they want to experience it, ensuring that the content we produce plays an additive role to THEIR experience. Everything you create or respond with should make the moment bigger or better; not just because you want to get involved in the conversation.  

4. Plan to be spontaneous

My favorite part of all of these tips is the idea that you can, and must, plan ahead in order to be spontaneous in the moment. This requires advanced planning and strategy, including smart scenario planning: go through all possible actions and reactions and prepare how your brand would create content or respond to fans. Write sample copy. Create sample images based on possible outcomes. By planning for these situations in advance, we can shift our thinking away from “reacting in real-time” and move towards “preparing to be agile” as a means of creating content.

5. Discovery by Design

In the real-time content flood that is Twitter, it’s getting harder for brands to have their content seen and shared by audiences. By creating a deliberate plan on how you want your content discovered and shared, knowing the hashtags that your audience is using in relation to the event and what you want people to do with it when they see it you can help maximize your reach and better achieve your goals of creating real-time content. And when creating your distribution plan always remember the 4 P’s: Plan for your content, Produce what your audience wants to see and share, Publish it in a timely manner to ensure relevancy, and Promote it as needed in order to increase possible reach.

How are you going to help your clients win the moment with Twitter?

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