Tuesday 24 April 2018

Snapchat rolls out first ad and Facebook launches new Room app

Snapchat rolls out its first ad, Facebook launches a new Room app and more of the latest digital news.

Snapchat Freaks Out Users with First Ad for ‘Ouija’

Snapchat has rolled out its very first ad, which took the form of a 20-second trailer for the upcoming horror film, Ouija. Though Snapchat previously alerted users that ads were coming, the movie trailer caught many people by surprise and was received with mixed reactions.

Facebook Launches Rooms App for Anonymous Sharing of Interests

Facebook’s latest iOS app, Rooms, brings people together around common interests. Consisting of a feed of photos, videos and text, the app allows users to create pseudonyms (think: screen names) to connect and collaborate with folks from all over the world. Popular topics so far include beat boxing, home-cooked meals and more.

Socialbakers Bakes its Data Analytics Down to a Social Health Index

Launched late this week, the Social Health Index is a high-level analysis of a brand’s social standing. Currently limited to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the index includes almost all of Socialbakers’ 180+ metrics including acquisition and retention, enabling Brands to analyze the social performance of themselves and their competitors.

Vine’s Stars are the Best Part, And Now You Can Follow Whole Channels of Them

This week Vine introduced two new updates to improve their offering on iOS. The first update allows users to take a video with the native iPhone camera and share to Vine without having to open the Vine application first. Secondly, users are now able to follow Channels, such as Comedy or Music, and receive updates directly in their feeds.

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