Tuesday 24 April 2018

Friday5: 2014 Hispanic Heritage Month: Tailoring Paid Campaigns to Reach Hispanics Online

September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. During the next two weeks the Friday5 will focus on the digital trends regarding this influential and growing audience.

“Pay-to-play” has become the defining phrase in digital communications over the past few years, and it’s even truer when trying to reach the multicultural audience. As paid promotion becomes increasingly important online, here are a few tips to ensure you optimize your next paid media campaign to reach the Hispanic community:

1. English vs. Spanish

The Hispanic community is becoming increasingly bilingual – primarily Spanish and English – and their online habits reflect this trend. Nearly three-fourths of U.S. Hispanics speak Spanish at home, yet 45 percent of Hispanic Millennials prefer to browse in English. Many paid distributors allow targeting based on browser language setting, so consider targeting both English and Spanish browser settings in your next campaign – regardless of whether the content is Spanish or English.

2. Mobile vs. Desktop

More than any other community, Hispanics connect using mobile devices – namely smartphones. They browse social networks, read news and stream video all from their phones, so it’s essential that your online campaign is designed to have mobile reach. That means if you’re creating digital assets for a campaign, make sure they are mobile optimized; and incorporate mobile targeting in your paid media plans.

3. Online Video vs. Television

Beyond heavy mobile use in general, Hispanics watch disproportionately more video on their phones. On average, Hispanics spend eight hours each month watching online video, compared to 6.5 hours a month for the average American. Short form videos (3-minutes or less) are increasingly popular among this audience and surpassing television viewing for the younger Hispanic generations. As part of your next Hispanic-focused program, consider incorporating shareable video as owned content or creative for a targeted paid campaign.

4. Micro-targeting vs. One-Size-Fits-All

“Hispanic” cannot be used as a blanket term. Hispanic men differ from women, Hispanic youth differ from older generations, and Hispanics in California may differ from those in Miami in how they use the Internet and the type of content they consume. Therefore, micro-targeting across demographics is essential. Craft tailored messages for specific audience segments and do not be afraid to experiment with new platforms to reach different groups within the Hispanic community.

5. Test and Test Again

Statistics are great, and they lead to audience insights that we cannot always gather first-hand. However, at the end of day, testing is the only way to know what truly works on a case-by-case basis. Plan your digital campaigns to be flexible, so you can test and tailor key messages and delivery of your ads. Experiment with new creative and different platforms to see what performs best and, ultimately, fulfills your campaign goals.

What tips do you have for targeting the Hispanic community online?

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