Sunday 22 April 2018

Facebook’s News Feed changes again and Twitter revamps Profiles for iOS mobile

Facebook’s News Feed changes again, Twitter introduces its ‘Biggest Update to Date’ for its iOS mobile platform and more of the latest digital news

Facebook Just Changed its News Feed Yet Again

Facebook announced Thursday that it’s changing its News Feed algorithm to show users fewer old posts in favor of more timely content. The Feed will now be impacted by two new factors including the time that a post received engagement (as opposed to just how many engagements it garnered) and whether a given story is “trending.” What does this change mean for users? For the most part, this will likely result in timelier, more relevant content appearing in the News Feed. Read Facebook’s blog post here.

Twitter Overhauls Profiles on iOS in the ‘Biggest Update to Date’

A new Twitter profile interface for iOS users was released yesterday in an effort to emphasize users’ bios, photos and favorited tweets. All of this will now be easily seen without the need for multiple swipes or clicks within the platform, simplifying the user experience significantly. The update is available to users running iOS 7 or higher and timing for the Android app is unclear thus far.

Places is a Sharing Platform That Puts Privacy First

Places revealed new software this week: a secured sharing platform for files and messaging. Offering end-to-end encryption, the software allows multiple people to access files with advanced security. Currently still building support for the application, Places is welcoming outside developers to test its privacy settings.

Social Media Users Are More Charitable Than You Might Think

A recent survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults from Survey Monkey explored social good and charity habits of social media users. Results showed that 51% of respondents hear about new social good initiatives on social media channels first and 64% have reportedly donated $100 or more to a charitable cause in the last year. Read on for more information on the amount of money social media users have donated, how many hours they have invested in charitable causes and more.

Image credit: Daniel Dionne

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