Saturday 24 February 2018

Hootsuite rolls out campaign functionality and Snapchat places greater emphasis on Stories

Hootsuite’s new campaign functionality, an increased emphasis on Snapchat’s Stories feature and more of the latest digital news.

Introducing Hootsuite Campaigns

Hootsuite has announced its acquisition of Brightkit, a service that allows customizable gamified elements in social marketing campaigns. Immediately following the announcement, the social marketing platform launched Hootsuite Campaigns, allowing marketers to manage and monitor live campaigns, tap into various web analytic tools and more. Marketers will have the ability to create and host contests, user-generated galleries and sweepstakes directly from within Hootsuite.

Snapchat Pushes You to Watch Friends’ Stories

Snapchat Stories are photos or videos that are made available for all of a user’s friends to see, and are a great alternative to the app’s traditional direct messaging feature. Until now, Stories have been non-interruptive in that users didn’t receive push notifications when their friends posted a Story. Snapchat has revealed that it is now “sometimes” sending push notifications as gentle reminders that friends have shared stories, likely resulting from the growing popularity of this particular functionality. TechCrunch reports that Stories received over one billion views per day in June.

Three Secrets to Great Content Marketing from Twitter, Dell and Cisco

Content marketing can be a challenge, but having a combination of humor, trust and spontaneity may be key to social strategy success. Content marketers from Cisco, Dell and Twitter share their secrets to a strong content mix.

Study: In Social Advertising, YouTube Converts More Customers than Anyone Else

A new study from Aol Platforms has deemed YouTube the leader in introducing new products and encouraging consumers to make purchases through paid advertising. The report used Convertro’s attribution technology to track how well a social platform influenced buyer decisions, examining YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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