Tuesday 24 April 2018

Pizza Hut Japan introduces a cat video series and Instagram rolls out Hyperlapse

A video series starring four cats, Instagram launches a time-lapse app and more of the latest digital news.

Japan Unveils Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats

If you’ve ever wondered what four cats operating a miniature Pizza Hut store would look like, you’re in luck. Capitalizing on the internet’s obsession with cats, Pizza Hut Japan takes viewers behind the scenes of a mock Pizza Hut with a handful of short video clips.

Instagram Reveals Stunning Tech behind its New Hyperlapse App

Instagram launched a Hyperlapse app earlier this week and has revealed an inside peak into its technology. Image stabilization technology called Cinema, paired with a precise algorithm, reduces shake and creates fluidity in videos. Currently available to all iPhone and iPad users, and with an Android version rumored to follow, the app is unique in that it allows the creation of time-lapse videos without requiring a steadicam mount.

How Many People See Your Tweets? Twitter Opens its Nifty Analytics Dashboard to Everyone

Previously only available to advertisers and verified accounts, Twitter’s analytics dashboard is openly available for all users with an account more than 14 days old. Users can now access engagement values, impressions, link clicks and more for individual posts, and can use these learnings to optimize their content accordingly. Learn how to use the dashboard here.

Facebook News Feed FYI: Click-baiting

Facebook has announced changes to its News Feed algorithm in an effort to deliver less spam and better content to users. From reducing click-baiting headlines to reinforcing the best way to share links on Facebook, these updates help ensure users are being shown the most interesting content.

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