Sunday 22 April 2018

Friday5: Instagram Rolls Out Ad Tools

It’s not new to see ad content on social media anymore. Nearly every social media channel has some form of ad content; some offer more robust tools than others. Facebook-owned Instagram—which first introduced ads about a year ago—has recently made a push to strengthen its offerings to advertisers by rolling out new dashboard with analytics. Let’s take a look at what Instagram’s new ad dashboard has to offer:

1. Account Insights

The ad dashboard can provide similar metrics as Instagram’s parent, Facebook. Advertisers can now track an account’s impressions, reach and engagement. In addition to these typically standard metrics on social media, the Account Insight page provides insight on the best time and day to post content. Prior to this update, brands would have to manually track account performance or rely on third parties such as Totem or IconoSquare—formerly known as Statigram—which had accuracy concerns.

2. Ad Insights

Taking another piece from Facebook, Instagram now offers an Ad Insights section on their dashboard. Ad Insights allows advertisers specific audience targeting and provides key metrics in order to track the ROI of an Instagram ad campaign. Advertisers can monitor the performance of each ad and campaign to better understand their audience and content performance.

3. Ad Staging

Probably the most interesting part of Instagram’s ad dashboard is the Ad Staging section. This section provides an area for advertisers and creative teams to collaborate on ads and campaigns before they go live. This is a crucial considering the emphasis Instagram—and its audience—puts on creativity and visuals. Teams can work together on the platforms to upload, edit, preview and time out distribution of ad content.

4. Real-Time Data

Instagram’s ad dashboard will provide metrics in real-time, allowing advertisers and community managers key information on how their ads and campaigns are performing. Advertisers will therefore be able to optimize their campaigns in real-time. In the world of ‘right now’ this is an important deliverable for advertisers.

5. Dashboard Timing

Instagram is slowly rolling out the dashboard to advertisers in the “coming weeks and months,” according to Instagram’s blog. From there it will make updates based on feedback and roll it out to more brands and advertisers later in the year—fingers crossed it’s in time for the holiday season. But it appears Instagram is taking things slow so it doesn’t alienate and disrupt the user experience.

Have you used Instagram’s ad dashboard? What are your thoughts on its offerings?

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