Saturday 24 February 2018

Facebook adds a new reporting feature and Twitter introduces Promoted Video

A new Facebook reporting feature, Promoted Video on Twitter and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook Now Tells Advertisers When Ads Lead To Purchases Across Devices

Facebook’s latest announcement regarding a new reporting feature will give advertisers insight into how often ads drive users to purchase the advertised product across different devices. Facebook reports that within 28 days, 32 percent of people who showed interest in mobile Facebook ads transferred to desktop in the US.

Introducing Promoted Video on Twitter

Earlier this year, tests conducted by Twitter found that tweets containing native videos earn better engagement and higher views. Following the recent addition of Twitter Amplify and feedback from users and brands, the platform released Promoted Video in beta this week. Companies are now able to upload and distribute videos and view the content’s success through an analytics service.

LinkedIn details new publishing platform improvements

This week, LinkedIn announced three updates to improve the distribution of new posts on its publishing platform. The improvements include integration with the platform’s feed algorithm, mobile notifications for first degree connections and post inclusion in daily or weekly Pulse emails. LinkedIn remains a strong social competitor, employing an extensive network that allows users to distribute content to their connections and followers.

Create Video Collections on Pinterest with Vevo

Pinterest users can search, save and share more video content with the addition of the new Vevo player. Joining YouTube and Vimeo, the entertainment platform could potentially entice a more diverse audience to engage on Pinterest. In the future, this could mean possible opportunities for Pinterest to profit through advertisements and sponsorships.

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