Saturday 24 February 2018

A new video streaming app and Pinterest introduces messaging feature

A new video streaming app, Pinterest introduces messaging and more of the latest digital news.

Remote Control Your Friends with Video App Sup

A new video streaming app called Sup was released this past week from the founders of Yahoo acquisitions Stamped and Milewise. How it works: A user sends a request, and if accepted within five minutes, a silent, live video stream begins between friends. “Supping” is expected to be an interactive experience, as users can direct and watch friends in real-time.

Your Twitter Feed May Soon Be Filled with Accounts You Don’t Follow

Twitter is testing a new feature that displays tweets on users’ timelines from accounts that they don’t follow. The tweets, which include a subtle “follow” button in the bottom corner, are currently available to a select group of Twitter users. Though this feature presents additional monetary opportunities for Twitter, it will likely result in more cluttered feeds.

Pinterest Launches Messaging Feature

Pinterest has introduced a messaging capability so users can collaborate on projects and share pins. In an effort to encourage more conversation within the platform, Pinterest will allow users to share a location or project pin for upcoming trips, and those in the group can respond with a message or additional pins. This messaging feature differs from Facebook’s messenger in that users will not have contact lists following them around on the platform.

Twitter Dropping Hints about Shopping Services

It is very possible that Twitter will be introducing shopping capabilities in the near future. Several users have noticed a “Payments and Shipping” menu option on Twitter’s Android app, and there is no denying that this service has great potential to increase Twitter’s revenue. An official release date has not been announced at this time.

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