Wednesday 25 April 2018

Facebook shuts down Gifts service and Instagram rolls out Snapchat rival

Facebook shuts down its Gifts service, a new competitor for Snapchat and more of the latest digital news.

Facebook to Shut Down Gifts Service

Facebook will be shutting down their Gifts program on August 12. This service, originally launched in 2012, allowed users of the social network to purchase presents and gift cards for their friends. Facebook promises to leverage their learnings to identify new ways businesses and developers can help drive web sales.

Instagram Quietly (and Slowly) Launches Snapchat Rival, Bolt

Bolt, Instagram’s new one tap photo messaging service, was officially released on Tuesday. The app is unique in that it allows users to very quickly send messages, as tapping on a contact both takes a photo and sends it at the same time. Although currently only available to users in Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand, a global roll out is expected in the near future. Bolt also has an undo capability in case messages are sent by mistake.

Hangouts Now Work Without Google+ Account

Beginning this week, a Google+ account is no longer required to use Google Hangouts. In a step towards becoming more business-friendly, the tech giant will also add the Hangouts capability to Google Apps for Business and partner with other companies in providing access to the service. The update is now available on the web, and mobile availability will soon follow.

Pinterest is courting an audience of professional designers with its latest acquisition

Social bulletin board Pinterest is acquiring Icebergs, a visual organization tool that allows users to add images, videos, websites and notes to groups and projects. The move is a step towards Pinterest’s overarching goal to guide users to specific interests that are relevant to their personal and professional lives. Other new features from Pinterest this year include a guided search function and the ability for users to follow interest-based category pages.

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