Wednesday 21 March 2018

Snapchat adds geofilters and updates from Pinterest

Snapchat adds geofilters, Pinterest revises follow feature and more of the latest digital news.

Snapchat Adds Geofilters for Quick Image Location Tags, And a New Revenue Possibility

Popular messaging platform Snapchat now offers customized image filters depending on user location. This new feature could potentially evolve into a revenue source for Snapchat, with a few geofilters featuring Disneyland and other heavily branded locations. Location services must be enabled to activate these new filters.

Pinterest Makes It Easier to Follow E-commerce Brands

Pinterest is taking another step towards creating a more brand-friendly platform. Last week, the social network announced a revision to its current “follow” feature, allowing fans to automatically follow a brand’s page without being directed to an external website. Brand pages with an existing follow button already have the feature, and those that do not can easily enable the button and feature.

Facebook Tries Being a TV Channel With New Mobile Video Player

Facebook’s recent video recommendations update aims to entice users to watch, and ultimately upload, more native video content to the platform. Currently being tested with select users, a carousel of suggested videos appears after a video is viewed on the mobile News Feed. This feature is similar to YouTube’s related videos feed, and includes only ad-free, organic content thus far.

Best Practices for Twitter Amplify

A new service from Twitter, Twitter Amplify, provides brands and media companies the opportunity to co-brand and target video content. Amplify has primarily been used as a medium for interacting with Twitter users during live events, and has taken the form of video clips with short, sponsored pre-roll ads. Ad Age shares a few best practices for the offering, such as making content relevant and being creative with how and when content is placed.

Take the Work out of Networking with LinkedIn’s New Connected App

In a move to simplify networking and strengthen relationships, LinkedIn announced the LinkedIn Connected app for iPhone last week. The app sources opportunities for users to connect with others through birthdays, work anniversaries and events. The professional network also hopes to ease the stress of networking with timely push notifications and meeting reminders.

Kanvas Goes Beyond Video Sharing With a Stop-Motion Camera

Kanvas 3.0 is setting itself apart from other media sharing apps with a unique focus: stop-motion videos. Catering to a young and creative audience, the app offers the ability to create mashups of text, video, stickers and music. Kanvas has a predominantly young audience, with 72% of users being under the age of 24.

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