Tuesday 24 April 2018

Facebook changes their video algorithm and Twitter experiments with “retweet with comment”

Facebook changes their algorithm for videos, Twitter tests their new “retweet with comment” feature and more of the latest digital news.

News Feed FYI: Showing Better Videos

On Monday, Facebook announced a few changes to their algorithm that will affect how videos are weighted on a user’s Timeline. Metrics including how long a user has watched a video, engagement and views will now be considered. As a result of this algorithm, users who engage with videos and have a longer viewing duration will be exposed to more video content. Luckily, Facebook has recently started providing more detailed data around their native videos, including average view duration. The algorithm will affect videos uploaded directly to Facebook and could result in externally sourced content (such as YouTube) being less favored.

Twitter is Experimenting with a New Way to Retweet

Twitter’s 140-character limit is the best and worst thing about the platform, so they’re changing things up. They are currently developing a new way of retweeting that will allow users to share more of their thoughts with the original tweet. The new “retweet with comment” feature will give users the ability to retweet the original post with enough room to add in their own words. Twitter is currently testing the new feature but has not shared plans for the feature.

YouTube Announces Translator, Tip Jar and Other Goodies at VidCon

At VidCon, the premier gathering for online video enthusiasts, YouTube announced a series of new features for both video creators and viewers. Creators will soon be privy to a crowd-sourced translation capability, an analytics and channel management mobile app, a sound library and more. YouTube fans, in turn, can support their favorite creators through interactive cards and a virtual tip-jar. These features, which will be available in the coming months, will allow for creating ease and higher business growth within the channel.

Introducing Daily by Buffer: Content that’s Easy to Find, Easy to Share—Wherever You Are

Previously featured on Digital Dice, Buffer introduces another feature to its content-scheduling platform: Daily. The new iOS app opens up the opportunity to post creative content from outside sources directly onto their social channels. Content is curated by Buffer and includes popular topics among its current users: marketing, inspiration, business and startups, lifehacking, design and “Buffer picks.”

Yahoo Rolls Out a New Ad Program, Prime View. Here’s How It Works

Yahoo is staying competitive in the world of online advertising by introducing Prime View, a new option that will charge advertisers for display ads that receive real face-time with users. This is Yahoo’s step towards giving advertisers more of their money’s worth and could result in bringing in more clients, as advertisers have the option to choose between view-guaranteed impressions and standard impressions.

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