Tuesday 24 April 2018

World Cup Ad and New Platform from Google

A behind the scenes look into the recent Beats by Dr. Dre spot, Google’s newest platform for businesses and more of the latest digital news.

Behind the Scenes of the Beats by Dr. Dre World Cup Commercial

Last week, Beats by Dr. Dre unveiled a five-minute spot featuring a range of athletes and guest stars ahead of the World Cup. The film, which was produced similarly to a music video rather than a traditional commercial, has received nearly 10 million views on YouTube. Take a behind-the-scenes look into the making of video.

Google’s Launches New Platform to Connect Businesses With Customers

On Thursday, Google launched Google My Business, the new directory for businesses to manage their presences on a variety of Google properties including search, maps and Google+. Users that have been using Places for Business or Google+ for business will be automatically transitioned to the new platform. The update helps Google compile accurate business information across its range of properties, offering an accurate and easily referenced database, which helps mobile and contextual search as it relies on user data and search results.

Facebook Accidentally Rolls Out Snapchat Competitor Slingshot

This week, Facebook prematurely published a new app called Slingshot. Expected in the near future, Slingshot is rumored to be a Snapchat competitor. Prior to the app being removed from Apple’s App Store, features similar to Snapchat were revealed, along with a unique feature requiring users to send a message back prior to being able to view received messages.

Twitter fixes popular TweetDeck program after hack

TweetDeck, a Twitter scheduling and monitoring tool, faced a security breach this Wednesday causing the system to go offline for over an hour. The hack, which was inadvertently caused by a 19-year-old programmer, created strange pop-up messages and automatically sent out random Retweets. It appears that TweetDeck has since patched the issue.

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