Wednesday 25 April 2018

Friday5 | Your Next Campaign Hashtag

Hashtags, by now almost everyone knows their potential to destroy or create an amazing campaign. It has become a critical part of any social media activation to select a good hashtag that not only follows best practices but also captures the theme, messaging or call to action of the campaign. You’ll need to choose a concise, conversational and memorable hashtag while avoiding hashtag hijacking. This can be a painstaking and nerve-racking exercise.

Of course it’s best to brainstorm during the planning stage with a variety of people but there’s also a few online resources to help jog your creative juices and explore the wide open world of hashtags. Here are five online tools to help you come up with your next campaign hashtag. Although most of these tools have paid “pro” version, the free “basic” versions available meet most needs while brainstorming a campaign hashtag. Any of these resources may provide the jolt needed to come up with your own campaign hashtag.

1. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a “visual hashtag explorer” which allows you to search hashtags, related hashtags and basic analytics for free. Based on a one percent sample size of recent tweets, this online tool is able to provide other hashtags used in conjunction with the one you searched. For example, if you search #Play it’ll show other hashtags that have been used in the same post as #Play and include basic usage analytics of that hashtag. Hashtagify also provides the top six influencers on Twitter using the hashtag, recent top tweets, usage patterns and spelling variations. The usage patterns option also allows you to compare the popularity of multiple hashtags in the past two months, perfect for deciding whether to use #July4th or #IndependenceDay.

2. Hashtag Generator

Hashtag Generator is a simple tool to help spark ideas. Type in a simple sentence such as your campaign’s name, call to action or key message and out comes three hashtag options. The first option will take out all the spaces in your sentence. The second option takes out all the vowels. The third option makes an acronym out of your sentence. Below each of the three options, Hashtag Generator aggregates all the posts which recently used that hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+. It may not provide the perfect hashtag but rather help you step outside the box and think of new combinations.

3.  Tagdef

Acronyms are a popular type of hashtag. They say a lot in a few characters and are frequently used by people in the know. However, a seemingly simple acronym could mean something completely different on social media. That’s why before committing to a hashtag acronym check it out on Tagdef, the online dictionary of hashtags. Type in your acronym and Tagdef will let you know what it means. If there’s no definition, you’re most likely in the clear but better do a manual search just in case. It’s also a great tool for social media #noobs so they can #ROFL at the latest #TBT photos.

4. Trendsmap

Need a hashtag for a specific location? Trendsmap provides users a visual experience to see what is trending based on location. The world map in Trendsmap allows you to zoom into a specific country, region, and even city to see what people are talking about on social media. The trending hashtags are clickable and allow registered users to see more specific information on the hashtags. Although this tool won’t generate a hashtag for you it’s a useful tool to see what is currently being talked about on social media around the world. Maybe there’s another event happening in a city and your brand can play off its popularity.


In addition to providing search and analytics data, much like the other resources mentioned, is also a great hub for trending and tracking hashtags. One feature allows the users to see popular hashtag in specific topic groups such as TV/entertainment, tech, sports or business. The online resource also provides social media industry insights for marketers such as upcoming social media conferences, news article about the latest hashtags and other trends. A great resource as you begin to research and select a hashtag for any reason.

What resources have you used to come up with a campaign hashtag?


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