Tuesday 24 April 2018

Digital Dice: The Rise of Sadvertising and New Facebook Video Analytics

The rise of sadvertising, Facebook’s new video analytics offering and more of the latest digital news of the week.

The Rise of Sadvertising: Why Brands Are Determined to Make You Cry

Brands are aiming for the heart with sadvertising, a common advertising technique using emotional appeal to engage audiences. Where comedy used to be the driving force for virality, videos promising a good cry are filling up social news feeds. Fast Company shares a roundup of ‘sadvertisements’ that you won’t want to miss.

Facebook Debuts New Video Analytics: Why It Matters to Brands

Facebook launched a new video analytics system that can efficiently measure the success of a brand’s video campaigns. The analytics capability, which was announced this week, will answer questions on audience retention and measure the lows and highs of a video’s audience engagement. It will also feature metrics including the average duration of video viewed and a breakdown of viewer demographics.

Buzzstarter Provides a Platform for Brands to Do Programmatic Content Marketing

Launched this past Tuesday, Buzzstarter is a content marketing platform that specifically places content in-line with social feeds and publisher sites. Straying from traditional display ads, Buzzstarter is able to perform content marketing at scale by targeting specific demographics and placing content in relevant locations. Brands currently using Buzzstarter include: Degree, Axe, Clear, Absolut and Aeropostale.

Twitter Testing a ‘Mute’ Button to Quiet Your Follows

Twitter is testing a new feature in the form of a “mute” button. Seen on both the iOS and Android version of the apps, users may soon be able to silence tweets from accounts they follow but don’t want to see in their timelines. For example, this function may be useful if someone is live tweeting an event and users would like to skip these tweets. It is currently not clear if and when the mute button will be rolled out to the entire platform.

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