Wednesday 25 April 2018

Marketing Trends in Chicago and São Paulo

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As I prepare for my move to São Paulo, I have been researching the changing landscape of the Brazilian digital market. To help build a reference point for me, I asked some of my Chicago colleagues what trends have their attention this year. I also asked some of my new team members what they are focusing on.

São Paulo: With more access to different forms of content, Brazilians are embracing social and digital platforms to connect with each other and improve their lives. For marketers, especially from the global perspective, this means a unique approach to Brazil and a focus on content.

  • Changing TV Landscape: More content, especially from online sources, means less people are getting their news and entertainment from only TV. February was one of the worst months in history for TV Globo, the monopolist broadcast TV in Brazil that owns 60 percent of the audience. –Daniel Rimoli, Brazil Digital director
  • Citizen Activism: Instead of waiting for the government to take action, Brazilians are increasingly coming together to improve the cities they inhabit. Now more than ever, they are using social and digital tools to make this happen, like Imagina na Copawhich is a grassroots effort encouraging Brazilians to take part in sustainability and charity initiatives – Verónica  Barranco, director, Consumer Marketing
  • Consumer Sharing: Brazilians are among the most socially connected and enthusiastic users of social media across the world, according to brandshare™– Natalia Martinez, EVP, marketing engagement

Chicago: While the Chicago team has been focusing on data and content in Chicago, we’re increasingly more responsive to trends in the social stream. We’re also focusing on a strategic, data-based approach to our digital marketing tactics.

  • Digital to Analog/Analog to Digital: An in-person action that is derived from an online activity (and vice versa) will be an important trend for brands. An example of this is the Facebook book Brad Mays, general manager, Digital Chicago
  • Big Data: Our clients are giving us more access to data – social data, sales data, CRM information, etc. This new data imperative will cause a shift in how we analyze consumer intent, structure analysis, improve system integration and make data analysis experience a requirement.  Aniz Ruda, VP, analytics
  • Content is Still King: Content marketing helps brands tell and share stories in ways that ensure they reach, resonate with and inspire action by engaging audiences where, when and how they are most receptive.  Laura Kowalski, VP, planning

São Paulo is a fascinating market where the population is becoming increasingly digital. As Brazilians are looking at more online sources for entertainment, activism and sharing, I look forward to applying my learnings with digital/analog executions, data and content to my work in São Paulo.

What trends are you paying attention to?

Nick Lucido is a Daniel J. Edelman Global Fellow for Edelman working in São Paulo. You can follow him on Twitter @nicklucido.

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