Wednesday 21 March 2018

Friday5: Vine’s New Messaging Feature

Vine’s recent update saw the introduction of video messaging as a key feature. Media commentators naturally drew comparisons with Instagram Direct, which allows Instagram users to privately share images with up to 15 people rather than all followers. However, this is much more than Twitter’s Vine ”keeping up with the Joneses.” Here are five reasons Vine’s introduction of video messages are indicative of bigger things to come:

1. Enables Twitter to Experiment in a Silo

With the introduction of messages in Vine, Twitter can trial video messaging in a silo. Twitter can use Vine to road test new features just as Facebook continues to do with Instagram.

2. A Clever Growth Strategy

Vine video messages can be created in the app and shared with anyone in your address book, regardless whether or not they have Vine. Vine users will be playing a fundamental part in extending Vine’s user base and advertising the app’s capabilities. Watch this space for increased Vine downloads.

3. Freedom to Create Content

Now that users have the option to share content publicly or privately with selected contacts, it takes the pressure off creating compelling content and instead puts the focus on sharing with friends. This is a shrewd move as it means users will spend more time with the app, create more Vines and increase the volume of video they share with content.

4. Tapping into a Growing Mobile Video Trend

We are creating, consuming and sharing more video than ever before and it’s estimated that by 2018, over two thirds of the mobile data we use will be video content. Allowing users to share Vines with their contacts outside of the app also puts Vine front and center as the app of choice for capturing video content.

5. Vine Cements its Position as One-to-Watch

Far from playing catch up with its larger, albeit image-led, rival Instagram, Vine has now cemented its position as a strategic, slow burner on a path to success. Vine was the fourth most downloaded app of 2013 and this clever move will likely cement its position as a mature contender for 2014 and beyond.

How can brands utilize Vine’s new messaging feature?

Image credit: Yamanaka Tamaki

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