Wednesday 25 April 2018

Digital Dice: Facebook Launches Newswire

Facebook launches FB Newswire for breaking news, tech startup to deep dive into visual analytics offerings and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Facebook Launches a Newswire to Surface More Breaking News

On Thursday, Facebook launched FB Newswire, a resource designed to make it easier to find, share and embed original, newsworthy content sourced directly from within Facebook. FB Newswire will share first-person photos, videos, and status updates “from the front lines of newsworthy events around the world.” This content will all be verified by Storyful, an agency that aggregates news content shared across social networks. Differing from the News Feed, which gives users personalized updates, FB Newswire will share a broader collection of news from all over the globe.

What’s an Instagram or Pinterest Picture Really Worth?

With the steady decline of organic reach on Facebook, brands have been flocking to visual social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Many brands have seen high engagement rates –particularly among millennials and the younger demographic – on these platforms when compared to engagement rates on their Facebook pages. Tech startup Piqora has raised $11 million in funding to expand its content marketing capabilities (which will include deeper visual analytics offerings), since it is currently difficult to track the performance of content on these visually-focused platforms.

Twitter’s New Profiles Are Now Available to Everyone

Twitter’s redesigned profiles are now available to all users. With a similar look and feel to Facebook, this update places a stronger emphasis on photo content, allows users to highlight popular Tweets in a larger font and also offers more sophisticated feed filtering.

Tumblr Study Says It Has More Social TV Activity than Twitter

In a recent study performed by Pulsar, Tumblr and Twitter were found to be the leading platforms for second screen engagement (social engagement during a televised show). While Twitter tracked higher mentions during shows, Tumblr held the highest volume of mentions three days after the shows aired. Last week, Tumblr also added visual analytics through Curalate Visual Analytics. One of the most-trafficked sites on the Web, Tumblr can now measure fan engagement with popular brands.

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