Tuesday 24 April 2018

Digital Dice: LinkedIn Launches Insights and Twitter Photos Get More Social

Read about LinkedIn’s scoring insights, Twitter’s latest photo updates and more of this week’s digital news.

LinkedIn Launches Insights Tool to Help Brands Become Better Publishers

In an effort to reposition its ad marketing, LinkedIn is launching scoring insights to determine the effectiveness of brands’ content. A whole host of content, including posts on company pages published by influencers and employees, as well as branded groups and sponsored updates, will be ranked primarily by engagement. The score is calculated by dividing the number of engaged users by the active target audience, and then multiplying by 1 million. While the insights are only available to brands with a LinkedIn representative, they may ultimately result in more sponsored stories across the platform.

Photos Just Got More Social

This week, Twitter introduced two new mobile features: photo tagging and the ability to post up to four photos in a single tweet, instantly creating a collage. Intended to create a more social atmosphere on its mobile app, the new photo tagging feature will allow users to tag up to 10 people in one photo without using any of their precious 140 characters. These new features will allow brands to further engage their audiences through meaningful campaigns and personalized tweets.

Amazon Plans to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming

Amazon recently announced plans to launch a streaming service with music videos, original content and other programming. Supported by ads, the company may also include licensed content from existing television creators. After crowdsourcing seasons of shows, Amazon invested nearly $1 billion in content and has solicited pilots from well-known directors for new material. In addition to the growth of digital viewership and advertising attention for shows like House of Cards, the e-retailer also has a preexisting device – the Kindle – for delivery.

Brands Use Twitter to Boost Awareness

A recent study reports that brands are primarily using Twitter to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and engage existing customers. These findings, which were based on a survey of approximately one thousand marketing professionals in the US, also showed that driving sales has not been a major priority for marketers.

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