Thursday 26 April 2018

Friday5: Why Create Real-Time Content?

By now, we know that real-time content is not only important for a brand looking to join a social conversation or trend, but also imperative for successful storytelling. But real-time content doesn’t mean simply tweeting about anything and everything in the news. Making sure topics align with a brand’s short-and-long-term narrative is crucial in making a connection to the effective, real-time content.

Our work in developing the Creative Newsroom has taught us the pillars of success: content that is timely, prominent, relevant and recognizable. And yet sometimes, we still find ourselves asking “why?” Below we review why real-time content is an effective way to communicate in the digital landscape.

1. Drive Engagement

Brands often reap huge benefits when they do something unexpected – whether it’s a surprise and delight campaign or just a simple, unanticipated post, we often see an increase in engagement. When fans are pleasantly surprised by real-time content, they usually reciprocate with a flood of positive engagement. Users want to interact with timely, relevant content while it’s top of mind, and are therefore more likely to engage and share with friends.

2. Opportunity for Positive Sentiment

Timeliness and relevance are powerful generators of positive sentiment and perhaps even public endorsement. Establishing connections and developing unexpected but meaningful content creates new opportunities for on-topic, positive engagement. Not only can the community comment on existing content themes and messaging, but also at the intersection of trending topics and possible brand play.

3. Increase Reach

Thoughtfully inserting a brand into a trending topic organically extends the reach beyond the regular audience. There’s a higher possibility for more relevant brand exposure to new potential fans and followers.

4. Grow the Community

Creating a successful moment in time, especially when capitalizing on a trend, can be a big opportunity for organic fan growth. Increasing reach and tapping new audiences allows new audience members to discover the brand page and become more interested in the page’s content, making them more likely to follow your brand.

5. Humanize the Brand

Jumping into topics and trends that index high with the community shows that the brand is listening to and talking with the audience, creating conversations and dialogues, not just broadcasting announcements. This allows the brand to engage in a dialogue with the community leading to higher brand affinity and engagement. Users will no longer see the brand as a faceless robot producing cookie-cutter announcements but rather a real person engaged in the greater conversation.

When engaging in real-time trends, what’s your objective?

Stay tuned for Christine’s next Friday5, “How to Create Real-Time Content.”

Image credit: wwarby

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