Sunday 22 April 2018

Three Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Build Your Technology Brand

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Recently, Twitter chats – also called tweet chats and Twitter parties – have grown in popularity. They enable engagement in real time with mass audiences on diverse trending topics like health care, the economy, parenting and travel.

Twitter chats appear spontaneous but are typically pre-arranged. They include a predefined hashtag that links tweets together to form a virtual conversation.

The appeal of a Twitter chat is its ability to reach niche audiences. For this reason, technology organizations are using Twitter chats to build engagement, brand awareness and thought leadership.

We recently facilitated a Twitter chat for a technology company on the topic of 4K/Ultra HD TV. The chat, which discussed distribution requirements and the need for 4K/Ultra HD content, generated more than 400,000 impressions and increased the company’s Twitter following by 25 percent. Also, because the chat established the client as an authority on this topic, the company spokesperson was invited to join a CES panel.

Below are three ways Twitter chats can help build your technology brand.

#1: Connect With Industry Influencers

Twitter chats provide a great opportunity to engage with industry influencers, stakeholders and customers. Whether a company hosts a chat or is a participant, it’ll gain many new followers. Conversely, if the company wants to engage with specific influencers, Twitter influencers are generally receptive to participate — particularly when you approach them as a partner for the project. To guarantee a successful chat, choose a topic that resonates.

#2: Create Brand Visibility

If a particular Twitter chat attracts a company’s target customer base, then the company should approach the host to sponsor it. Being mentioned as a sponsor during the chat, as well as in social updates on channels like Facebook or Google+ can be a great way to build brand visibility.

#3: Establish Leadership on a Topic

Many businesses use social media to build industry thought leadership. Hosting a chat or participating as an expert is a great way to boost your authority on a topic and connect your brand to online conversations. Plus, retweets or mentions during the chat will further establish your social influence, and improve your Klout score.

One tip before getting started: Observe a Twitter chat first, so you know what to expect. Tweet Reports posts a schedule of upcoming Twitter chats or simply search Google.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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